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Modern Ballet Dancers


We are a company of storytellers, a band of renegade artists. 

At Noor Dance Academy, we bring stories to life through the medium of dance. We push the boundaries of contemporary Indian dance with classically-rooted technique and unique modern stylization. Based in New York City, our family of talented artists is dedicated to bringing you groundbreaking productions that will stay with you long after the curtain closes. ​

Storytellers in Motion


I founded Noor Dance Academy to explore a modern expression of classical Indian dance. We operate on the philosophy that we are lifelong students and lifelong creators of art. Our students are inventing from their first class, and our professional troupe is constantly evolving and learning. We believe strongly in collaboration and enjoy working with experts in dance, music, literature, and other media to create innovative and captivating projects. I invite you to come to one of our shows or workshops soon!


- Shachi K. Phene, Creative Director

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