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Great dancers have:

strength        flexibility       stamina       technique       expressiveness       versatility

Noor's NYC classes for children are designed to take young dancers from their first steps through their solo debuts and beyond. Every student receives a solid, technical training in Bharathanatyam as well as exposure to other movement styles to make them highly-skilled, versatile dancers. Each prospective student will be evaluated and placed in a class appropriate to his or her level. Experienced new students may be placed in a lower-level class so that they can adjust to Noor's style and methodology. 

Focuses include: 

  • body strength & flexibility

  • confidence-building & presentation

  • music & dance theory


As students develop, they will learn other aspects of performance such as costuming, direction, backstage management, and more to become all-around performers. Older students will have the opportunity to shadow the director in professional rehearsals and planning sessions and take on important production roles. 


Noor's classes require a high level of commitment to regular attendance and practice from both students and parents. We strongly believe that a child's dance education requires a 3-part team, consisting of the child, the teacher, and the parents. Please reach out to Shachi at with any inquiries. 

Don't see a class that works for you? Email to discuss starting a new section. 

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