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Gender dynamics in the South Asian home

Using art as a means of social dialogue

This project started with a recognition that so many of the issues that have come to light in the last few years – bullying, domestic violence, sexual abuse, uncivilized political discourse – stem from perceptions of inequality between people. The idea that one person, or one group of people, is intrinsically better than another is one that perpetuates all societies. 


We are looking specifically at gender dynamics within the South Asian community. To start, we are seeking to listen to, learn about, and discuss people's experiences and their effects, with the goal of eventually producing a creative work based on our research. 


Please help us by sharing your thoughts here:

Anonymous survey


If you are interested in getting involved in this project creatively or in terms of research or funding, please email We are currently looking for musicians, dancers, photographers, videographers, visual artists, and writers to join our team. 

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